Technical Customer Services

Supporting your production with technical expertise

Technical and On-Site
Customer Services

LPMS USA works closely with you to support and streamline your production, yield high-quality parts and ensure that you receive consistent, repeatable results from your low pressure molding operation.

Technical Customer Services
at a Glance

01 Design Engineering Consultation

Our in-house mechanical design engineers offer recommendations to improve the overmolding process and the efficiency of your part to meet your application requirements.

02 Material Recommendations

Our on-site material scientists specialize in material selection or modification, confirming the right material is selected for your application.

03 Material Customization

LPMS USA’s Spectra-Melt line of molding products incorporates additives and low-density fillers to enhance materials’ properties.

04 Tooling Trials

LPMS USA conducts a comprehensive series of tooling trials to confirm the moldability and repeatability of your end products. A data-driven processing guide is also provided with each moldset.

05 Equipment Customization

Each equipment platform can be customized to meet your production requirements, such as safety requirements and shuttle tables to increase production speed.

06 On-site Equipment Installation and Training

Once your equipment arrives at your facility, you’re not on your own. Our equipment experts will install the equipment, train operators and set process parameters to optimize production.

07 Repair & Maintenance Services

To maintain consistency, repeatability and to extend the lifespan of your equipment, LPMS USA offers on-site process auditing and equipment maintenance services.

08 Spare Parts Inventory

LPMS USA keeps a supply of spare parts in house for immediate shipment.

09 Technical Hotline

Our technical experts offer support for all equipment, tooling, material or processing questions. Call us: 1. 800.353.7773


Telephone support from
Monday–Friday 8am to 5pm CST
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