Low Pressure Molding Machine BETA 370

With the horizontal injection shuttle table, the BETA 370 low pressure molding machine ensures effective and safe production.

Product Features
at a Glance


Compact Machine


Shuttle table design

One upper mold serves two bottom molds which increases throughput and is safe for workers

7 liter melting tank


Hoseless system


Injection pressure range 1~50 kg/cm²

Controlled by a pneumatic safety valve

Gear pump is made of hard-wearing material

Which is stable, maximum is 5.8 g/s hardened gear pump with a maximum injection speed of 5.8 g/s

Modular injection system

For ease of service

Two temperature control zones

Work independently

Light curtain and photo-electric actuators

Protect workers during operation

Multi-size base

For easy mold set installation

Equipped with programmable ejection system

Full Specifications for Low Pressure Molding Machine BETA 370

For more technical details and specifications, please, download the Technical Data Sheet for BETA 370 low pressure molding machine.
Technical Data Sheet BETA 370 Low Pressure Molding Machine

BETA 370

Machine Size 990 × 874 × 965 mm · 38.98 × 34.41 × 37.99 in · 881 lbs
Electricity 200–240 VAC · 1 Phase · 50 Hz · 25 A
Air Input 30–100 psi
Air Required > 100 psi
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Clamping Force 2 Tons
Clamping Stroke 75 mm
Max. Mold Size 250 × 130 × 75 mm
Platen Size 250 × 130 mm
Nozzle LPMS-G02
Safety Features Light curtain · photo-electric buttons · E-stop button
Melt Tank Quantity / Volume One integrated · 7L
Temperature Control Zones 2

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