Low Pressure Molding with Spectra-Melt

More Material Functionality, More Design Options.

Colored Spectra-Melt Materials

Overmolding Electronic Water Safety Device with Spectra-Melt 791

Low Pressure Molding Material

LPMS USA’s on-site material scientists specialize in material selection or modification, confirming the right material is selected for your application. Standard hot melts can be enhanced to meet your product requirements.

at a Glance

LPMS USA’s on-site chemists and material science engineers are developing new solutions to meet market demands. LPMS USA’s Spectra-Melt line of molding products incorporates cutting-edge additives and low-density fillers to enhance materials’ properties, such as UV and thermal stability, hardness, magnetism, optical clarity and light diffusion for LEDs, along with color compounding and laser-marking capabilities.

Advantages & Properties

Complements hot melt product lines with pigments and additives – Standard hot melts are amber and black

Nearly unlimited color options – Only requires Pantone number

Black light active and photoluminescent options

Low cost of entry

Color matching

Opaque or translucent option

Thermal stabilizers

Laser-marking additives

Light diffusers

UV stabilizers



Additional Material Options

Purge compounds

Melt-tank cleaners

Color Options

Color Matching

Standard-formulated adhesives are amber and black. Color-matching options for parts

Spectra-Melt Master Batches

Master batches provide limitless color options

Product Highlights

Spectra-Melt 282

Spectra-Melt 282 Blaze Orange color, PCB encapsulation used for automotive battery and high voltage applications, resistance to automotive fluids with good high-temperature creep resistance.

Spectra-Melt 216

Thermoplastic hot melt polyamide resin ideal for LED applications. It provides excellent optical clarity and brightness, fortified with a thermal antioxidant and stabilizer for long melt-tank life. Light-diffuser additive available to eliminate LED hotspots.

Spectra-Melt 858

Thermoplastic hot melt polyamide resin with best-in-class high-temperature creep resistance and hardness. It is resistant to automotive fluid splash exposure. This material is a replacement option for TECHNOMELT PA 2692.

Spectra-Melt 320

Thermoplastic hot melt polyamide resin with excellent high-temperature resistance and stability for sealing electronics. It offers increased protection as a secondary overmold. It is resistant to automotive fluid splash exposure and is a replacement option for TECHNOMELT PA 2692.

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Complementary Materials

Spectra-Melt Complementary Materials range from cleaner to primer products and have been developed to support you as best as possible.


Low Pressure Molding Applications

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